negative feedback loop

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neg·a·tive feed·back loop

(neg'ă-tiv fēd'bak lūp)
A process in which a change from the normal range of function elicits a response that opposes or resists that change.
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In addition, they are all included in negative feedback loop which further improves frequency performance.
Liu, "Dynamical Behaviors of Rb-E2F Pathway Including Negative Feedback Loops Involving miR449," PLoS ONE, vol.
According to the above analysis, (1) (2) (3) (4) are the positive and negative feedback loop to enhance the stability of the industrial ecosystem.
Negative feedback loops are frequently encountered in molecular circuits underlying signal attenuation, metabolic control, and most relevant to toxicologists, maintenance of cellular homeostasis (Cirit et al.
The central negative feedback loop consisting of three repressors (X, Y, and Z) has the potential function to generate sustained oscillations.
The European Commission also unveiled what news reports describe as a "key policy to start dismantling the negative feedback loop between sovereigns and banks, addressing the financial fragmentation that is undermining the euro from within, and the other issues that weigh heavily on confidence and inhibit growth."
At times of weak prices this creates a negative feedback loop as stainless steel distributors react to falling nickel prices by destocking, further reducing demand.
This risks a negative feedback loop; downside risks, both economic and political, therefore remain high.
Fears about the health of the system and the volatility of the markets are also spreading to end consumers and there is a risk that a negative feedback loop develops, whereby poor performance further depresses retail inflows.
Bruegel, an influential Brussels think tank, agreed that there was a negative feedback loop between the crisis and growth.
The market turmoil started a negative feedback loop between sovereigns and their financial sectors.
Most of these devices are based on active velocity-force negative feedback loop (Preumont, 2002) with collocated velocity sensor and force generator (actuator).