negative balance

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an instrument for weighing.
equilibrium (def. 1).
acid-base balance see acid-base balance.
analytical balance a balance used in the laboratory, sensitive to variations of the order of 0.05 to 0.1 mg.
fluid balance see fluid balance.
negative balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is greater than that ingested.
nitrogen balance see nitrogen balance.
positive balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is less than that ingested.
water balance fluid balance.
zero balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is exactly equal to that ingested; see equilibrium (def. 1).
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City Clerk Andrew Croessman explained to the council that the negative balance in the Water Funds is due to a twice-a-year payment of $210,000 to
It is to be noted that Pakistan's unemployment rate reached 4.04% level in 2017 as compared to 1.83% back in 2014, while current account deficit and negative balance of payments are also contributing heavily to the deteriorating economy.
'The programme thrust of the ABP is the provision of farm inputs in kind and cash (for farm labour) to smallholder farmers to boost production of these commodities, stabilise inputs supply to agro-processors and address the country's negative balance of payments on food.
The negative balance of goods is the major contributor to the current account deficit.
"Based on initial calculations and taking into account respective restructuring measures, we expect a negative balance sheet effect of in total about 200 million euros ($240 million) that leads to a corresponding impact on Group net profit in 2017.
The FBiH Finance Minister Jelka MiliAeviA said that for the first time in ten years, there is no negative balance in the budget.
FILMS BACKED BY THE SCHEME...TAKE DOWN | Loan value: PS3,144,000 | Amount recouped: PS941,413.53 | Negative balance: PS2,202,586.47 Shot in Anglesey and on the Isle of Man, Pinewood described its production as "an action thriller about a group of over-privileged and rebellious rich kids.
According to the statistics of the Chamber of Commerce, from January to September 2017 Macedonia and Austria registered a negative balance of 54.3 million dollars.
The technical result of non-life insurance and / or reinsurance shows a negative balance of 962,844 dinars against a positive result of 6.5 million dinars at the end of June 2016.
In April 2017 the net direct investment1 was negative amounting to EUR 12.7M, compared with a negative balance of EUR 187.2M in April 2016.
It would be a crushing blow for the Mid Ulster club after having to start the season with a negative balance of 12 points for registering paid player Peter McMahon as an amateur.
The manager of a company that sells water through automatic machines reported that during 2016 though deposits had increased, the current account of the company in a particular co-op bank showed a negative balance.

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