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Discission of a soft or secondary cataract.
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Discission of a soft or secondary cataract or opening of a blocked glaucoma filtering bleb with a needle puncture.
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Patient discussion about needling

Q. I am thinking are there any other ways to pressurize or use these points apart from needles? hi all…I was advised by my practitioner to pressurize on the acupuncture points regularly using needle and it is painless. I am thinking are there any other ways to pressurize or use these points apart from needles?

A. Yes…there are some other techniques available where they can excite the points for the same effect as acupuncture points which may give some additional benefits. Techniques used are moxibustion, essential oils and now even laser biostimulation is gaining popularity.

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Many advances in press felt technology focus on how the nonwoven "batt" that carries the paper web is attached under tension to the woven base fabric structure through a needling process.
The company says this makes it a one-of-a-kind needle loom and a true innovation in elliptical needling.
Using technology developed by Huyck Austria, the Huyperpunch-D loom produces patented press clothing for the global pulp and paper industry, technology that uses diagonal-elliptical needle beam movement that travels with the felt during the needling process.
According to customer requirements the company says the needling of the needle boards has to be simple, safe and effective, in order to avoid long downtimes and to extend the service life of the needle boards.
The attendant reduction in web drafting, evident at all draw-off speeds, makes this concept a very significant advancement in needling technology.