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something that is required or necessary. Basic human needs are those things that are required for complete physical and mental well-being. Needs vary greatly in the degree to which they are necessary for survival. For this reason, they are often classified into a hierarchy according to their relative urgency. Those on lower levels must be met before attention can be paid to needs on higher levels. The most widely used classification is called Maslow's hierarchy of needs, devised by Abraham H. Maslow, shown in the accompanying figure.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Physiologic Needs. These are the needs that are essential for the maintenance of biological homeostasis and the survival of the individual and the species. They include needs for oxygen, water, food, elimination of wastes, temperature regulation, avoidance of pain, rest and sleep, exercise and sex.

Needs for Safety and Security. These include needs for protection from physical harm, for order, consistency, and familiarity in one's surroundings, and for some degree of control over matters concerning oneself.

Needs for Love and Belonging. These include needs for giving and receiving love and affection and for sexual intimacy, for friendship and companionship, and to identify with a group.

Needs for Esteem and Self-Esteem. These are the needs that are necessary for a person to have a basic sense of self-respect and self-acceptance and to be self-sufficient. Self-esteem requires an understanding of oneself and one's limitations and the ability to face and cope with stress and painful realities. Persons in whom these needs have been met are relatively free of feelings of inferiority or inadequacy. This level also includes needs for approval and recognition from others.

Need for Self-Actualization. This is the need to make full use of one's talents, capabilities, and potential. Self-actualizing persons tend to be dedicated, realistic, autonomous, creative, and open. They are not in conflict with themselves and are motivated by their own values and goals.


The perceived or actual requirement for an activity, function or thing.


Vox populi The requirement for an activity, function or thing. See Basic need, Dependency need, Self-actualization need, Urgent need.


1. Something required, wanted, or essential.
2. A duty or obligation.
3. Any disease or condition for which a patient seeks a remedy.
4. A motivation.
5. Extreme want or poverty.

Patient discussion about need

Q. I need a Lyme LIterate Doctor in MA Moving to MA - son has chronic Lyme

A. Hi! Where are you moving to? I'm here in Boston with early Lyme that I hope is not going chronic (the treatment I've taken so far is only suppressing it, and it comes back if I stop antibiotics).

Apparently there is a Dr. Sam Donta who works in Falmouth and Boston: 508-539-6666. But he is pretty busy.

Q. will i need daipers becuse of my bladder

A. Not diapers, Even if one has lost control over his bladder, diapers are not used but rather other things like penrose (in case of men) or catheter.

However, bladder stones can usually be treated and don’t necessitate these measures, as you can read here:

Q. I need some information….. I smell some problem with my son …..Please guide …….he is very hyperactive and has mood instability and becomes impulsive… friend doubts that he may be the case of ADHD……I need some information…..

A. It is very difficult to say whether your son is ADHD or not. Yes the symptoms have some link to ADHD but these symptoms are also related to bipolar. Bipolar relates primarily to mood swings which are not a symptom in ADHD. So take him to doctor and go for the diagnosis…..

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