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A student of, or a specialist in, necrology.
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A document which proposes Constitution and By-law changes in the following areas was presented: Make the Constitution and By-laws conform to current practices; Modify the position of Director of Public Relations; Create the position of Editor of the Newsletter; Make the quorum of the Council more in line with Robert's Rules of Order and clearly define the role of the Council; Redefine the make up and role of the Executive Committee; Give the Youth Activities Committee the responsibility for awarding student research grants; Clearly define which type of membership receives the Proceedings and what is being received; Create the position of Historian and eliminate the position of Necrologist; Remove superfluous portions of the Constitution.
Bill Gommel, IAS Historian and also Necrologist, asked members to let him know of any deaths of IAS members, and also send him obituary clippings.
Gommel, as Historian, encouraged all IAS members to send their resumes to him or Shaffer and, as necrologist, also any obituaries they see for other members to him, Jim Berry for newsletter, or Shaffer.