neck of femur

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1. the constricted part connecting the head with the trunk of the body.
2. the constricted part of an organ or other structure; called also cervix and collum.
anatomic neck of humerus the constriction of the humerus just below its proximal articular surface.
bladder neck a constricted portion of the urinary bladder where its inferolateral surfaces meet at the opening of the urethra.
neck of femur the heavy column of bone connecting the head of the femur and the shaft.
Madelung's neck diffuse symmetrical lipomas of the neck.
neck of spermatozoon a short portion of the tail of a spermatozoon immediately posterior to the head, aterior to the middle piece. See illustration at spermatozoon.
surgical neck of humerus the constricted part of the humerus just below the tuberosities.
neck of tooth the narrowed part of a tooth between the crown and the root; called also cervix dentis and collum dentis.
uterine neck (neck of uterus) cervix uteri.
webbed neck a thick skin fold on the side of the neck, from the mastoid region to the acromion. Called also pterygium colli.
wry neck torticollis.
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neck of fe·mur

a short, constricted, strong bar projecting at an obtuse angle (about 125°) from the upper end of the shaft of the thigh bone and supporting its head.
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neck of fe·mur

(nek fēmŭr) [TA]
A short narrow section of bone at the proximal end of the femur, connecting the head to the shaft
Synonym(s): collum femoris [TA] , collum ossis femoris, neck of thigh bone
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Of the various methods of treating a fracture neck of femur, the standard method for treating a young patient is closed reduction and 6.5 cannulated screw fixation, if closed reduction fails open reduction is mandatory.
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Shenstone et al.30 studied the relationship between BMD and Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) score, and also presented correlation between lumbar BMD and baseline Stoke Index, and the loss of bone mass density was found to be higher in the neck of femur during early stages of RA irrespective of the activity of disease and working loss.
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