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See Medically necessary.


Requisite or essential.
[L. necessarius]

Patient discussion about necessary

Q. Is it really necessary to take antibiotic the whole week? Three days ago my 10 years-old son had a sore throat, after a very short examination the doctor said my son has pharyngitis and that he has to take antibiotics for ten days. He took it for two days and now he no long has any sore throat- Why does he have to take the antibiotic for so long? I don’t want him to take too many medications…

A. In order to prevent the complications that the simple sore throat may have in the future, it’s very important to take the medication the whole 10 days. Even though it seems it’s no longer necessary- it is.

Q. is it ok to use drugs for medical reasons? and who is to decide when is necessary to use drugs when needed?

A. Today the most used "medical" drugs are narcotics- for pain relief, for patients who suffer extreme pain. All sorts of Codaine and Morphine types are used and on a very wide basis, and they are specially perscribed for ones who need them.

Q. tender protuding lymph node lump rt. arm pit aprox. 1/2" dia. any concerns or recommend treatment necessary?

A. lymph nodes can flare up any time you get infected in the armpit and all the area that it drains. i had it several times and it went away in the same manner that it came. i think that sometimes it caused because of a blockade done by deodorant. so i try to use this Chinese salt stone that doesn't contain aluminum.

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Under the Parity Act, private insurers are required to provide coverage for all medically necessary treatment for severe mental illnesses.
Patients have the right to sue health insurers who refuse to authorize medically necessary treatment, the U.
A PATIENT'S RIGHT TO SUE Patients have the right to sue health insurers that refuse to authorize medically necessary treatment, the US.
After all, health insurance is supposed to cover the costs of necessary treatment.
The national economic slowdown, a crisis in state budgets, the Federal focus on war, and the neglect of treatment-access activism, have combined so that probably thousands of people are being denied necessary treatment for economic reasons alone, when they would have had access a year ago.
This rapid, convenient, and accurate test for Adenovirus will provide the physician with an important tool to quickly diagnose the patient's illness and provide the necessary treatment.
Once you've ruled out other problems, your doctor can give you resources to find a professional who's right for you--someone who is able to determine if you're depressed and can provide the necessary treatment.
Since current guidelines suggest treating HIV-infected people only when their viral loads reach 20,000 copies/mL, Sterling postulates that women who are at risk of developing AIDS might not receive necessary treatment.
This isn't a necessary treatment it's just me being vain I suppose.
The new premises at Hostivar, in the eastern suburbs of Prague, is an industrial building which will be altered to provide modern storage conditions in a controlled environment, together with all necessary treatment rooms, workshops and administrative offices.
All of the injured have been transported to hospitals to get the necessary treatment quickly, said Al-Roudhan, who is also Minister of Commerce and Industry.