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See Medically necessary.
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Requisite or essential.
[L. necessarius]
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Patient discussion about necessary

Q. Is it really necessary to take antibiotic the whole week? Three days ago my 10 years-old son had a sore throat, after a very short examination the doctor said my son has pharyngitis and that he has to take antibiotics for ten days. He took it for two days and now he no long has any sore throat- Why does he have to take the antibiotic for so long? I don’t want him to take too many medications…

A. In order to prevent the complications that the simple sore throat may have in the future, it’s very important to take the medication the whole 10 days. Even though it seems it’s no longer necessary- it is.

Q. is it ok to use drugs for medical reasons? and who is to decide when is necessary to use drugs when needed?

A. Today the most used "medical" drugs are narcotics- for pain relief, for patients who suffer extreme pain. All sorts of Codaine and Morphine types are used and on a very wide basis, and they are specially perscribed for ones who need them.

Q. tender protuding lymph node lump rt. arm pit aprox. 1/2" dia. any concerns or recommend treatment necessary?

A. lymph nodes can flare up any time you get infected in the armpit and all the area that it drains. i had it several times and it went away in the same manner that it came. i think that sometimes it caused because of a blockade done by deodorant. so i try to use this Chinese salt stone that doesn't contain aluminum.

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She also mentioned that she doesn't necessarily have a plan yet but hopes it works out that way as Danny needs a boy of his own.
does not criminal necessarily Derrick Hundreds of football fans and former players attended his funeral in Telford last November.
I've been working in restaurants since I was 17, I really wouldn't necessarily know what to do with myself if I wasn't cooking.
Sheeran, 23, added: "If you don't necessarily want to be a doctor and learn to cut people open and sew them back up, that's what you need a degree for.
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Thus, it must have each of these three properties necessarily. Second, since necessarily true propositions are true in every possible world W*, and the possibility of rationally denying a proposition p requires that a possible world W is conceivable in which not-p is true, only necessarily true propositions satisfy the criterion mentioned.
Anybody who buys during 2010 is buying at a reasonable entry point into the market, although it might not necessarily be the absolute optimum point.
counterpart, said he was not necessarily optimistic about the outcome of the upcoming discussions over Pyongyang's denuclearization process.
Though affordable housing design is not all necessarily profitable, Bee believes it is crucial for the survival of this city.
Yet, as he notes, that isn't necessarily the end of the world.
These are necessarily flexible categories, but as is the case with the AR's regular themed sections, they throw up some intriguing juxtapositions.
Movement toward EBM does not necessarily mean that every article published must be the result of a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.