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1. slight corneal opacity.
2. an oily preparation for use in a nebulizer.
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neb·u·la (nebul.),

, pl.


(neb'yū-lă, -lē),
1. A translucent foglike opacity of the cornea.
2. A class of oily preparations, intended for application by atomization.
3. A spray.
[L. fog, cloud, mist]
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n. pl. nebu·lae (-lē′) or nebu·las
1. Astronomy
a. A diffuse cloud of interstellar dust or gas or both, visible as luminous patches or areas of darkness depending on the way the mass absorbs or reflects incident light or emits its own light.
b. A galaxy. No longer in technical use.
2. Medicine
a. A cloudy spot on the cornea.
b. A liquid preparation for use in a nebulizer.

neb′u·lar adj.
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, pl. nebulae (neb'yū-lă, -lē)
1. A translucent foglike opacity of the cornea.
2. A spray.
[L. fog, cloud, mist]
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A cloudy spot on the CORNEA of the eye. A central nebula can severely interfere with clear vision.
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Dense, white, corneal opacity caused by scar tissue. A localized leukoma appears as a whitish scar surrounded by normal cornea. A generalized leukoma involves the entire cornea, which appears white, often with blood vessels coursing over its surface. Visual impairment depends on the location and extent of the leukoma. If the opacity is faint, it is called a nebula. Note: also spelt leucoma. See hyperacuity; corneal ulcer.
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