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Unable to see distant objects clearly; myopic.

near′sight′ed·ly adv.
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Able to see clearly only those objects held close to the eye.
See: myopia
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Patient discussion about nearsighted

Q. Is there a laser vision correction operation that will correct both near and farsightedness? My optometrist said that typical laservision would require that I wear glasses for reading since it only corrects farsightedness. I'm leery of the technique of doing only one eye for distance and leaving the other "as is" for reading. I seem to recall a brief news report of some new laser vision technique that corrects both near- and farsightedness. Is that true or were they referring to the "one eye for closeup and one eye for distance" type of correction that I'm skeptical about? Thanks!!

A. my mother-in-law had that done about a yeara ago,for both near and far,they make them the oppisite,i had my near sightness fixed two years ago and i love it should of done it sooner.....

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In the presentation, a Chinese study was cited, of 80 nearsighted children between the ages of seven and 11.
The findings in the study, a review of previous studies that was published in Opthalmology, suggest to some experts that nearsighted people -- a third of all US residents -- may want to undergo regular eye screening.
The adjustment for nearsighted pilots (can see better at near than in the distance) depends on how nearsighted you are, and if you have astigmatism.
"Sitting close to the television may not make a child nearsighted, but a child may sit close to the television because he or she is nearsighted and undiagnosed," she reports.
I'm certain that intelligent folks who deny that evidence are motivated by purely economic factors (and nearsighted selfishness, since the worst effects won't be felt within their lifetimes).
With animator John Hubley, Kaufman created the nearsighted Mr.
I only needed specs for reading, but as a result of wearing them all the time to try to look like Buddy Holly, I became nearsighted.
That is great, since I am extremely nearsighted and have problems with tiny words.
They found that babies born in June and July were the most likely to be myopic (nearsighted) and those born in December and January least likely.
Vivian Vande Velde Harcourt, 2005, $17.95 978-0-15-205311-6 Grades 6-8, After nearsighted Wendy finds a pair of magic glasses on her front lawn, site wears them to visit her grandmother in the nursing home and ends up involved with elves, dragons, a mischievous "spreenie," and time travel.
Shame on us for being so nearsighted as to lose view of their genius, common sense and the true meaning of their doctrines.
Small of build, nearsighted and blessed with total recall, Joseph Bruchac was raised near Saratoga, New York, by his grandparents, who sheltered him from his abusive father.