near-total thyroidectomy

near-to·tal thy·roi·dec·to·my

removal of nearly all of each thyroid lobe, leaving unresected only a small portion of gland adjacent to the entrance of the recurrent laryngeal nerve into the larynx.
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Total or near-total thyroidectomy versus subtotal thyroidectomy for multinodular non-toxic goitre in adults.
The procedures undertaken to obtain these specimens were lobectomy, hemithyroidectomy, subtotal and near-total thyroidectomy.
Most domestic clinicians advocate total or near-total thyroidectomy with or without lymph node dissection as the initial treatment for patients with thyroid cancer.
Present study showed that the incidence of nerve injury was proportional to the extent of thyroid resection in both groups, but near-total thyroidectomy carried a disproportionate incidence of nerve injury.
For patients who have undergone a total or near-total thyroidectomy for differentiated thyroid cancer, the use of central neck dissection is less definite under the new guidelines.
Additionally, our preference of total or near-total thyroidectomy in patients undergoing surgery due to benign causes may be another influencing factor.
The patient underwent a near-total thyroidectomy and left paratracheal lymph node dissection and left modified radical neck dissection.
One had undergone a near-total thyroidectomy for a benign nodule that had enlarged in spite of thyroid suppressive therapy.
6) There are several methods for thyroid gland operation such as Subtotal Thyroidectomy (STT), Near-Total Thyroidectomy (NTT), hemi-thyroidectomy plus subtotal resection (Dunhill procedure) and Total Thyroidectomy (TT).