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Patients who had undergone voice preservation surgery like hemi-, partial-, near total laryngectomy and patients with mental illnesses like depression were excluded from the study.
Cases included 8 mucosal lining reconstruction, namely, resection palate (1case), inferior alveolus after marginal mandibulectomy (1), buccal mucsa resurfacing following composite resection for buccoalveolar cancer (1), full tubed hypopharyngeal defect after circular pharyngectomy (2), partial hypopharyngeal defect with near total laryngectomy (2), and 4 cervicofacial skin defects (2 from parotid composite defects, 1 after post auricular skin reconstruction following temporal bone and 1 cheek defect post oral cancer).
Glottic reconstruction after near total laryngectomy. Laryngoscope 1979;89:609-18.