near infrared

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near in·fra·red

(nēr in'fră-red)
Range of light that is closest to visible light with waves ranging between 700-1500 nm.
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The team injected these antibodies into 10 mice and exposed them to near infrared rays once every four weeks for a total of four times.
This technique is considerably more cost effective than the incumbent solution of adding near infrared blockers to the bulk PC.
By a 95% confidence pair t-test, there were no significant differences between the SSC of pineapple fruit measured using refraktometer and that predicted by near infrared spectroscopy.
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy of ground barley appears to be an accurate method for the determination of total dietary fiber content.
"The advantages of near infrared detection for non-invasive animal imaging are well documented," said Jim Wiley, LI-COR product marketing manager.
If the RF oscillator is phase-locked to an atomic frequency standard, the comb will form an accurate frequency ruler covering the entire near infrared region from 1100 nm to 2200 nm.
This on-line gauge uses proprietary near infrared technology to measure the thickness of ultra-thin film products down to 5 microns or less.
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