navicular bone

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navicular bone

na·vic·u·lar bone

(nă-vik'yū-lăr bōn)
A bone of the tarsus on the medial side of the foot articulating with the head of the talus, the three cuneiform bones, and occasionally the cuboid.

navicular bone

the boat-shaped tarsal bone on the medial side of the foot in front of the talus (ankle bone), with which its concave posterior surface articulates. Stress fractures of the navicular are seen in runners and should be considered if localized pain and discomfort fail to settle. See also Figure {figure_number_link}.


boat-shaped; applied to certain bones, such as the navicular bones of the horse's foot and human ankle.

navicular block
a specially carved block of wood in which a horse's foot is lodged to enable a radiograph of the navicular bone to be taken at a suitable angle.
navicular bone
1. the distal sesamoid bone of a horse's foot; it lies on the palmar side of the coffin joint and serves to change the direction of the deep digital flexor tendon as it inserts on the distal phalanx. Its palmar surface is covered with fibrocartilage, its dorsal surface with hyaline cartilage and its dorsal surface is pocked with a row of nutrient foramina.
2. (rare) the central tarsal bone.
navicular bursa inflammation
in the horse may contain Brucella abortus; a cause of intermittent lameness.
navicular disease
a chronic degeneration of the navicular bone in which there is damage to its flexor surface and the overlying flexor tendon in the front feet of horses. There may be an accompanying navicular bursitis and osteophyte formation. Characterized by intermittent lameness and pointing when the animal is standing. Called also podotrochlitis.
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Of the 48 navicular bones of this species that she and her team analyzed, 3--about 6 percent--had lesions that could be linked to ENS.
A fractured navicular bone suffered in June essentially ended Dustin Pedroia's season in 2010.
Red Sox manager Terry Francona said tests yesterday revealed a non-displaced fracture in the middle of Pedroia's left foot - the navicular bone - despite an initial result of negative X-rays late Friday.
She had broken her navicular bone and was told that vichat not only must she spend three months off her feet to allow it to heal, she would have to learn to jump off her other foot.
With chronic long-term navicular bone injuries, one could be entirely different from another and when an infection has been going on a long time, it is serious.
Mac had a navicular bone issue in high school," Lananna said.
Monet's Garden with his groom Joey Richards, the daughter of trainer Nicky Richards, and (left) the site of the problem in the navicular bone of his hoof
Oregon Track Club Elite's Lauren Fleshman, who sat out the 2009 track season after undergoing surgery to repair a stress fracture in the navicular bone of her foot, has entered the Strand's 5K road race in Corvallis on Saturday.
He competed in the Olympic Trials last summer with a stress fracture in the navicular bone on the bottom of his foot, missed the entire cross country season, and then suffered a stress reaction in his femur during the indoor season.
Athletic trainer Clay Jamieson said Dorsainvil broke the scaphoid bone, also called the navicular bone, near his right wrist; it's a slow-healing injury, and Dorsainvil could be in a cast for up to eight weeks.
He came off nine months' box rest as he fractured a navicular bone when he fell.
Lauren Fleshman, 27, had a titanium screw inserted into the navicular bone of her left foot eight days ago.