navicular bone

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na·vic·u·lar bone

(nă-vik'yū-lăr bōn)
A bone of the tarsus on the medial side of the foot articulating with the head of the talus, the three cuneiform bones, and occasionally the cuboid.
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The procedure involved a bone graft and the insertion of a screw to close the fracture line of the navicular bone. She is expected be in a non-weight-bearing cast for at least six weeks.
When the two fragments of the BMC are put together, they form articular surfaces for articulating with the navicular bone, first and second metatarsals and intermediate cuneiform, which do not greatly differ from the normal morphology.
On delayed planar (B) and SPECT-CT (C) views, focal radiotracer uptake is demonstrated along with irregular cortical margins of navicular bone, fragmentation and patchy sclerosis.
Midfoot longitudinal arch height (mm): the lowest height of the midfoot longitudinal arch in the right foot (represented by the navicular bone) was quantified for all five movements.
In which part of the body is the navicular bone? 27.
Partial excision of the navicular bone is the surgical option for isolated navicular lesion.
In the meanwhile, the distance between the mark point on the navicular bone and ground was measured to evaluate the correction effect of different insoles, as shown in Figure 1(b), and to be used in the next FE modeling as the boundary loading conditions to explore the effect on the foot tissues.
There is good congruence between the talar prosthesis and the tibia, fibula, calcaneus, and navicular bone.
Fra>ckowiak, "Changes in navicular bone (os sesamoideum distale) shape in horses as a result of pathological alterations," Folia Biologica (Poland), vol.
Example of collapse of the navicular bone (fracture score = 2, white arrow) noted on axial T1 and STIR MR images (b).
Joel Embiid, the third overall pick in 2014, has yet to play after surgeries to repair an injury to the navicular bone in his right foot.