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a practitioner of naturopathy.
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One who practices naturopathy.
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A person who practices naturopathy, a drugless system of therapy using physical forces–eg, heat, water, light, air and massage
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One who practices naturopathy.
[L. natura, nature, + G. pathos, disease]
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David Getoff is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, an elected member of the American College of Nutrition and the International College of Integrative Medicine and the Vice President of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.
Depending on your situation, your naturopath may take one or more of the following approaches to treat you:
(46) As such, we looked at how the expansion of naturopath's scope of practice was portrayed in the popular press, specifically in Canadian newspapers.
You could say that she made her own choices when she consulted a naturopath and that the consequences are her own responsibility.
Naturopaths believe around 90 per cent of diseases we get stem from the stomach and hence cleansing of the stomach area is essential.
A naturopath does neither treat emergency cases nor does he/she write prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs.
Often the body needs assistance to function properly and naturopaths are skilled in tailoring natural health programmes to the individual's requirements.
Their clients, they reported, selected a naturopath primarily because they did not feel that the mainstream provider had been effective in treating them (n = 11, 100%), they had a desire for a more natural approach to health care (n = 10, 91%), and/or that the mainstream provider did not spend enough time with them (n = 8, 73%).
You may want to speak to a naturopath or an alternative therapist to find out if they can suggest ways to increase your natural estrogen levels and minimize your body's reaction to your testosterone.
Workers at Asda stores in Wolverhampton, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent are being offered ten-minute relaxing massage sessions by a trained naturopath this week.
In a sense, a naturopath is a teacher, empowering patients to take responsibility for their own health.
Although Jordan came from a family that stressed a healthy diet (his father is a naturopath and chiropractor), his own poor dietary habits while a scholarship student at Florida State University, began the downward spiral that contributed to the onset of his nearly terminal case of Crohn's disease.