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Substance abuse A substance causing euphoria and analgesia at the desired abuse levels and physical dependence and CNS depression, stupor, coma and death in excess. See Opiates.
Narcotic types
Natural Products extracted from the poppy plant, yielding morphine and heroin, or the coca plant, yielding cocaine and crack
Semi-synthetic Products with opiate activity, eg meperidine and methadone or synthetics, see MPTP; under the umbrella term of narcotic, alkaloids, eg LSD, mescaline, barbiturates, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens and stimulants, eg antidepressants.
Completely synthetic Products created by synthesis alone, eg fentanyl  
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Patient discussion about natural

Q. What is the best natural cure for migraines? Every day I hear something else... would love it if you can share your experience...I'm sick of chemicals:)

A. stay off any products that have a any kind of a caffine content, including chocolate. try this for 3wks, ypu should notice a difference

Q. Is there a recommended natural cure for graves disease? I've been suffering from graves for a year now and really feel tired of it. I'm thinking of trying some natural medications cause the regular ones are dissapointing so far. Any experience with that??

A. I am not familiar with any natural supplements you can take for graves disease, furthermore, it is an illness where you should be on close monitoring of an endocrinologist, and have them tell you which medications you are allowed to take and what could make the situation worse. If regular treatment doesn't seem to help you much you should go for another check up to see how your thyroid is doing.

Q. Is there a natural cure for hpv?

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[11] seek to improve both processing times and the naturalness of the result image.
As we expected, natural motion mapping contributed to players' perceived motion naturalness, presence, and gaming performance.
For long-lasting products, the most directly sustainable design strategies that will reach millennial consumers are focusing on durability and naturalness. Engineers should work more with their marketing colleagues on how the materials used in the product make a high-quality, durable, sustainable product.
And since these parts--under our current technologically dominated regime--can be infinitely manipulated, we get the result that 'naturalness' cannot exist (pp.
Rozin (2006) suggests that the process that a certain food undergoes is the most important influencer of the judgment of naturalness. In our case, consumers might think that produce from urban farms is grown more naturally--for example, without the use of pesticides--whether that is true or not.
Love needs to be equated with submission, naturalness, and the spirit of enterprise.
Product naturalness was especially important in Europe and North America, with the former accounting for two-thirds of all organic launches, and the latter for more than half of all of the all-natural launches.
Valerie Kuinka directed Highlands Opera Studio's Verdi Falstaff with vitality and imagination (Aug.) The opera is an intricately interwoven ensemble piece, and she drew a unified performance from her remarkable young cast, every singer remaining sensitive to the antics in the music while acting with complete naturalness. Under Timothy Vernon's baton, accompanist Milos Repicky mastered the scores complexities brilliantly, as adept at bringing musical sweetness to Nanetta and Fenton's duets as he was playing technically difficult sections such as the final fugue.
Product "naturalness" will continue to have a strong impact on this market, the Mintel category insight notes, as consumers are looking for simple ingredients and pure formulations.
And there's a naturalness and a wholesomeness about her.
In this way, the 97 test slides were presented to the participants using 6 descriptor variables (naturalness, variety-complexity, unity, fascination, vividness, meaningfulness).
One's evaluations of the naturalness of different aspects of one procedure need not be similar.

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