naturalistic approach

naturalistic approach,

n a medical philosophy that holds that illness results from external, objective causes (such as accident, infection, mal-formation, etc.)
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During the development process, Cragin-Day shifted from a naturalistic approach to the freer form of the final product, which has Luther being tried in purgatory with St.
Sarasota's primarily naturalistic approach seems to have worked well with Verdi.
The naturalistic approach of qualitative research also involves the field or setting itself being one source of data.
She shows that although the naturalistic approach may appear more integral to the imaginary world of the game, both the invisible and visible interfaces effectively present information that players need in order to interact with the game and its rules.
While these pics run the gamut in terms of style and themes, they all share an intimate, naturalistic approach to storytelling and strong female characters.
In the first study to use a naturalistic approach by collecting free-flowing life stories, researchers spoke with 34 members of an active retirement community, ages 59 to 92.
Herrmann-Pillath (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) develops a naturalistic approach to economic thoery which treats the economy as an evolving physical system of knowledge governed by fundamental functions of harnessing and dissipating energy.
Klein thought it was a naturalistic approach that suited the surroundings of the beach and the bay.
Obviously, because I'm really only just starting out, I want to explore a lot of different things, and I did have a little go at comedy for a while, but this kind of drama is really interesting to me because of the whole historical, naturalistic approach," she says.
In scaling the musical down, so that it doesn't overwhelm CSC's 199-seat space, Doyle is taking a naturalistic approach.
Best known for his ecological or naturalistic approach to planting design, Noel Kingsbury has written some 20 books on various aspects of plants and will be launching a course on Perennial Planting in the Late Summer/Autumn.
The chapter contains an especially nice discussion of why taking a naturalistic approach to a discipline complicates the task of accounting for its epistemic authority.