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Campbell's inclusive treatment of naturalism is a welcome addition to contemporary studies in the field, including Mary E.
Religious naturalism seems to be a way of thinking, feeling, seeing the world, perhaps a way of living, in which some people--including a number of contemporary philosophers and scientists - experience a deeply felt sense of being bound in commitment to the natural world.
Huxley's efforts to publicize the advantages of embracing scientific and secular ideas, to advantage the cultural preeminence of men of science, to argue that there is but one kind of knowledge and but one method of acquiring it, and to present naturalism as an alternative to Christianity rather than an attack upon it, won the day.
Nevertheless, given literary naturalism's emphasis on historic moment, oftentimes a taxonomic approach with an eye towards generational tendencies helps us to compare and contrast sociological phenomena and to get a sense of what mattered at a particular time and to whom.
Schacht (correctly) rejects what he sees to be Brian Leiter's scientistic interpretation, which holds that Nietzsche was committed to a 'substantive' naturalism, a 'scientific picture of how things work' (238).
But Dworkin's supernaturalism on the question of value ultimately puts him outside naturalism. Naturalistic humanists flat out reject a supernatural realm on grounds of lack of evidence.
Cottingham; Holland; bleakness; contingency; existential response; meaning; naturalism.
Nagel charges both materialistic naturalism and theistic intelligent design with understanding the facts of the world in a reductionistic fashion, because "both theism and materialism say that at the ultimate level, there is one form of understanding" (p.
In this paper I am going to present some of the basic ideas of Otto in the light of his work on naturalism and religion.
Ethical Naturalism: Current Debates is a well-conceived and carefully edited volume, and the level of scholarship is exceptionally high.