natural pigment

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nat·u·ral pig·ment

a naturally occurring colored compound; absorbs light in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Compare: structural color.
Synonym(s): biochrome
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Nivetha, "Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of natural pigments from Bougainvillea glabra, flowers," Industrial Crops and Products, vol.
In addition, this study has consequently shown that adding algae species involving natural pigment materials to the feeds increases the total amount of carotenoids in tomato clown fish skins.
In conclusion, results of the present study revealed that: (a) the dried foliage of the sweet potato can be used to improve egg yolk color without affecting layer health, egg quality and production performances; (b) 15, 20 and 25 mg/kg total xanthophyll treatments tested in this experiment were considerably lower than the high limit of European Union Regulation (70/524/EEC), 80 mg/kg total xanthophylls (Breithaupt, 2007); (c) to reach the desirable yellow/red color of the egg yolk feeding the dried sweet potato foliage, the layer diet should be enriched by a more powerful natural pigment such as red pepper.
A spokeswoman for the company said Fenchem manufactures natural Vitamin E, natural pigment products and phytate in China.
Scientists have speculated that N-acetyl glucosamine (a stabilized form of glucosamine) and niacinamide (a B vitamin) might promote a more even skin tone by reducing the production of melanin, the skin's natural pigment.
The skin can become hyperpigmented, with cells producing melanin (the skin's natural pigment) to produce the black spots you mention.
said Wednesday it will launch astaxanthin, a natural pigment and antioxidant, within this year as a food supplement to help strengthen the immune system, slow down the skin's aging process and alleviate muscle fatigue.
Saffron owes its bright yellow color to its natural pigment crocin--a water-soluble gentobiose form of the carotenoid crocetin.
Kim said the beauty of the natural pigment cannot be produced with artificial dyes.
Hogsden advises: "If your brows have lost their natural pigment or are naturally pale, opt for a powder or fibre-based brow product, to insure they have a soft finish, such as Benefit's Gimme Brow.