natural medicine

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natural medicine

(1) Naturopathy, see there. 
(2) A general term for any form of healthcare (diet, exercise, herbs, hydrotherapy, etc.) that depends on the body’s natural healing powers.
(3) Any substance (e.g., foxglove, menthol, peyote, etc.) which is used in an unadulterated state to manage a condition or evoke a desired change in a person’s physical or mental status.

natural medicine

1. Naturopathy, see there.
2. Any form of health care–eg, diet, exercise, herbs, hydrotherapy, which allegedly enhances the body's natural healing powers.

Patient discussion about natural medicine

Q. what medicines i use to help me lose weight? should i use medicines or going natural?

A. go natural!!!! It's always better if it's an option...
exercise is soo important- not only for losing weight- also for being able to move aroung and living your life as you should- when your older... so why don't you try that and win twice??

Q. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. When I came through a book I read about kombucha, which is not explained in it. What is kombucha?

A. BE CAREFUL;what you read is not always true,there have been results with natural meds for minor medical problems,BUT you also have to no that all meds natural/modern do not work on all people.some off these cures are more hype than anything else.If these natural meds really cured people we would all be healthy--using them with modern meds is your best bet when you have a severe med problem,always check with your DR.NO NOT TRY TO SELF DIAGNOSE,and put somthing in you bodyif you are work,sometimes ther is no turning back---mrfoot56--peace

Q. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid My uncle is suffering with thyroid for the past 8 months and the treatment he underwent is not successful. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid?

A. first of all the thyroid gland is situated in the front of the neck, just below the larynx(voice box)it consist of two lobes,one one each side of the trachea(windpipe)joined by a narrower portion of tissue called the isthmus---the thyroid grand produces hormones that regulate metabolism(the chemical activitie in cells that release energy from nutrients or uses energy to create other substances,such as proteins)the thyroid gland regulates the level of calcium in the body.insufficient thyroid hormones prduction is known as hypothyroidism(sluggish thyroid)symtoms include tirednes/dry skin/hair loss/weight gain/constipation/and sensitivity to cold.--because iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones/calcium-ASk your DR before trying natural meds-because they ma interfere with what your uncle is taking now?--and you need to find out from your DR WHY is his thyroid sluggish--mrfoot56--peace

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NCNM's Helfgott Research Institute is a non-profit research institute that conducts rigorous independent research to advance the science of natural medicine in order to improve clinical practice.
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This rapid increase in the natural medicine workforce appears to have had little effect on government planning and policy.
Dwayne Clark, CEO for Aegis Senior Living states, "This first-of-its-kind program further expands the healthcare options available to our residents by bringing the highest level of natural medicine on campus.
Many positive events have taken place since my last report: our inaugural CEO has been appointed, deliberations about the Natural Medicine Registration Board have advanced, social media and communications have continued to flourish, the new board has been formed, our new directors are in harness and quality assurance continues to move forward.