natural dentition

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The natural teeth, as considered collectively, in the dental arch; may be deciduous, permanent, or mixed.
[L. dentitio, teething]
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Digital photography and case assessment will improve the esthetic end result and help to achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining more harmony and dynamic symmetry between the natural dentition & the fabricated restorations.
What's more, the AAP maintains that implant surgery is not a "no-maintenance" alternative to natural dentition, because even implants require proper oral hygiene to prevent bone loss (peri-implantitis), which recent research has shown to be more prevalent than many dentists and patients realize.
Impact of complete dentures and impaired natural dentition on masticatory performance and food choice in healthy aging men.
We highlight the incidence of natural dentition and naturalization of dental loss in the population we analyzed, aspects evidenced mainly through the correlation between the psychological dimensions from OHIP14 and T-Health, FS-T and DMFT compounds.
Tooth selection is usually based on the premise that teeth are identical on each side of the dental arch, which is not the case in the natural dentition. [3] In the matter of size of the teeth, commonly sets of comparative sizes decided by the manufacturers are accepted.
Background: Root canal treatment is an important treatment modality to restore the damaged or carious teeth so that the natural dentition can be preserved.
A balanced occlusion in natural dentition with normal periodontium is difficult to find.
Why subject virgin teeth to "crown and bridge" therapy when an implant may be the most viable option for saving the natural dentition?
Modified functionally generated path technique for single complete denture against non-modified natural dentition. J Oral Biol Craniofac Res.
It mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations in one visit.
If we consider the role of opposing natural teeth, we had seen from our present study, out of 81 cases of complete denture fracture, only 27 cases (33.33%) opposed natural dentition. We had also seen an important role of arrangement of artificial teeth as cause of denture fracture.