natural daylight

daylight, natural

Illumination dependent on the sun and the extent of clear sky.
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So wonderfully eloquent was he, that whatever he might choose to say, his auditors had no choice but to believe him; wrong looked like right, and right like wrong; for when it pleased him, he could make a kind of illuminated fog with his mere breath, and obscure the natural daylight with it.
In this respect, as compared with natural daylight, there is the same difference as between truth and falsehood, but if the reader have ever travelled through the dark Valley, he will have learned to be thankful for any light that he could get--if not from the sky above, then from the blasted soil beneath.
All meeting rooms offer natural daylight, separate buffet area, and modern meeting facilities.
No other light booth came ever closer to natural daylight.
The building uses natural daylight, ventilation and thermal insulation to reduce the building's energy use by 25 percent.
By having a little more natural daylight at our disposal, we can help keep daily energy costs down for families and businesses," Rep.
Open your blinds or curtains as soon as you rise and get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible.
Research suggests people who live in countries exposed to little daylight in the winter are more likely to suffer insomnia, as the lack of natural daylight can worsen sleep.
The firm added that the higher light levels at the tunnel's entrance make it easier for the eyes to adjust from natural daylight to artificial light.
Now though, daylight sensors in combination with the light management system make optimum use of this natural daylight.
Altering light levels and color to copy natural daylight to fool customers about the time spent in the store is crafty, but staff could sabotage these nefarious instructions, due to laziness, carelessness, incompetency or considering the action wrong.
Featuring 50 energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs), this cool-touch lamp produces bright light similar to natural daylight and makes the perfect gift for college student dorm rooms, apartments, and bedrooms.