natural bristles

natural bristles,

n animal hair (usually from hogs) that can be used in toothbrushes. They are not as durable or effective as synthetic bristles because individual hair thickness and length is not uniform, the porous nature of the bristles makes contamination more probable, and their absorbency makes rapid wear and deterioration more likely.
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BLUSHER BRUSH | |Blusher brush with natural bristles, Superdrug.
A bristle brush is the absolute best tool for smoothing hair, and finding one that has natural bristles (or synthetic ones that mimic them) is key for healthy, shiny locks.
Although I do like natural bristles, synthetic options have come a long way from what they once were - better pick-up, soft and realistic and in a range of shapes and sizes.
The nylon bristles won't absorb water from the finish and become mushy like natural bristles will.
Initially, nylon bristles were copies of natural bristles in length and thickness, however, they were stiffer than the natural bristles.
As a result, microfiber rollers in both traditional and miniature sizes, brushes with natural bristles and stiffer polyester and nylon brushes are all expected to be good sellers in 2013.
For a perfect sleek finish take a large round brush with natural bristles and pull hair down and straight whilst blowdr ying about three inches from the brush and the nozzle of the dryer pointing down the hair shaft to promote shine.
The solution for this is a cigar-cutter-like cap that peels off the outer layer to reveal the natural bristles, and slices them off after use.
Katie says: "The natural bristles in the brush revitalise the skin and a top tip is to dry brush your legs before showering to improve circulation and keep cellulite at bay.
The brush heads are made from a mix of synthetic filaments and natural bristles, and can be used with all types of paint and varnish.
Melody by Esseplast is targeting an upscale niche with wood-cleaning products, including a dust mop and push broom, that feature solid wood handles and natural bristles.