natural antibody

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nor·mal an·ti·bod·y

antibodies occurring as a result of immunoglobulin DNA rearrangement and somatic hypermutation rather than in response to stimulation with a specific antigen.
Synonym(s): natural antibody
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natural antibody

An antibody (e.g., anti-A, anti-B blood group antibodies) that is present in the circulation without prior exposure to the cognate antigen.
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natural antibody

Normal antibody An antibody present in the circulation, without prior exposure to its cognate antigen
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nor·mal an·ti·body

(nōr'măl an'ti-bod-ē)
Antibody demonstrable in the serum or plasma of various people or animals not known to have been stimulated by specific antigen, either artificially or as the result of naturally occurring contact.
Synonym(s): natural antibody.
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Poly(ADP-ribose) immunology was really heard-of at that time as a report that the natural antibody against nucleic acid-like substance introduced as "a mysterious molecule of Japan (21))" was found in autoimmune disease SLE before verification of the in vivo presence of the antigen.
A role for natural antibody in the pathogenesis of leprosy: antibody in nonimmune serum mediates C3 fixation to the Mycobacterium leprae surface and hence phagocytosis by human mononuclear phagocytes.
In the future, this natural antibody format may be replaced by protein drugs derived from alternate antibody formats or antibody mimetic scaffolds.
Normal human sera were obtained from healthy volunteers, and all the sera used for detection and purification of polysaccharide-reacting natural antibody were incubated at 56 [degrees]C for 30 min in order to inactivate the complement system and stored at -80 [degrees]C until use.
Vaccination with drugs like Footvax is important because sheep do not produce a natural antibody response to D nodosus, the bacteria causing footrot, said Schering-Plough

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