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an excess of sodium in the blood, indicative of water loss exceeding the sodium loss. See table of Electrolyte Imbalances at electrolyte. adj., adj hypernatre´mic.
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, natriemia (nā-trē'mē-ă, nā'trē-ē'mē-ă),
The presence of sodium in the blood.
[natrium, sodium, + G. haima, blood]
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, natriemia (nā-trē'mē-ă, -trē-ē'mē-ă)
The presence of sodium in the blood.
Synonym(s): natraemia.
[natrium, sodium, + G. haima, blood]
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Congenital NDI * A six month old male from a German family was diagnosed with congenital NDI following presentation with severe dehydration, hyper- natremia, unexplained fever, vomiting, and failure to thrive.
Natremia would be slightly higher on toads (128-139 meq/L, Coppo 2001), birds (131-157 meq/L, Coles 1989, and 130-146 meq/L, Coppo 2001) and domestic mammals (132-156 meq/L, Kaneko 1989; 110-155 meq/L, Coles 1989, and 132-146 meq/L, Coppo 2001).
Also incidence of hyper natremia and hyper phosphotemia is more in patients of death due to head injury.
Una terapia nueva aplicada en nuestro servicio es la HFR-Aequilibriumi[R], con el monitor Formula 2000[R], que tiene un software adaptado a la introduccion inicial de unos parametros bioquimicos del paciente y un biosensor que mide la natremia de manera continua a partir de los 15 minutos de inicio de la sesion de HD.