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One who provides an oral translation for people who do not speak the same language, or a machine that performs the same function.

Patient care

The Joint Commission recommends that access to competent, culturally sensitive interpreters be a standard of care for everyone seeking health care.

Synonym: translator (2)
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This, however, may not be the reality for all Native clients and, in fact, may not be the desirable path for all Native clients as a way of reconciling or developing a positive self-identity on multiple levels.
Specific concerns mentioned included the ability of practitioners to develop knowledge of culturally different worldviews, refrain from imposing their values, respect different value systems, and engender sufficient trust that Native clients will feel safe sharing pertinent information.
In addition to the earlier noted benefits, Smith (2005) pointed out that traditional healing methods such as the sweat lodge ceremony may help Native clients explore and reconcile issues around cultural identity.
This study will help mental health practitioners conduct culturally appropriate assessments with Native clients with a widely disseminated complementary set of spiritual assessment instruments--namely, verbally based spiritual histories and four pen-and-paper, diagrammatic approaches: spiritual lifemaps, spiritual genograms, spiritual eco-maps, and spiritual ecograms (Hodge, 2005a, 2005b).
In the context of serving Native clients, this typically means addressing the spiritual dimension.
Although little has been written in the counseling literature specifically on Native humor as a cultural phenomenon, several authors have explored the value of using humor in counseling Native clients (J.
Since then, the government has sought to minimize its level of responsibility by including the churches in the civil law suits and by taking action to complicate court action, say lawyers representing Native clients. The federal government has come under pressure from the church officials, who say the lawsuits threaten the churches very existence.
Practical counseling with American Indian and Alaska Native clients. In P.
The Cloud File Server features a multi-tenant file server solution for teams with a rich web interface and native clients that include Mac, Windows, Linux and all mobile devices.
The DataLocker suite, available via a free download, includes native clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
These questions explored the strengths and limitations of the brief assessment model in work with Native clients. The question concerning strengths asked, "In terms of working with Native Americans, what are the strengths of brief assessments?"
When working with Native clients who are depressed, we have found it useful, instead, to provide a culturally appropriate metaphor by suggesting that the "spirit of sadness" is visiting the client.