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Expropriation Government The process whereby a government may transfer ownership of privately-held units to itself; the government then assumes either partial or complete responsibility for managing and controlling the expropriated enterprise
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Patient discussion about nationalization

Q. What drug do you feel is the largest threat to our nation? There are lots and lots of drugs easily available to man kind. What drug do you feel is the largest threat to our nation?

A. Hydrofluosilicic acid which is a hazradous waste byproduct of the phosphate industry used to fluoridate water in two thirds of this country! Even if you don't have it in your community, processed foods mafe in cities that do will have it. I could list for days how this is a "drug". It has political roots as to why it is even used in the first place and it does NOT help with tooth decay, FACT! It leaches calcium out of the bones. Many are told they have osteoporosis when in could be osteosacoma that they have. It builds up in your bodies and can cause cancer. If this substance was not sold to municipalities for drinking water, the phosphate industry would have to dispose of it as a hazardous waste product which would cost millions yet they sell it to cities for their water supplies and make a very handsome profit!
Interesting to note, "fluoride" was used by the Germans to make the Holocaust submissive! Hmmm.. wonder what the real reason is for putting it into our wa

Q. Is anyone a memeber of the NAtional Fibromyalgia Association? Hi everyone. i was wondering if anyone was a memeber it is 20 dollars for a basic memebership and 25 for an online. ALso does anyone subscibe to the Fibromyalia AWARE magazine? I looke dthis info up online and am just wondering if it is worth the cost. Any input would be appreciated.

A. It sounds to me that it's worth being a members of this organization. You can receive a lot of information and guidance. This way you can also help others. Thanks for the excellent link Dagmar.

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Akhtar Nationalization should be associated with elimination of foreigners from domestic economic activity.
"This represents the biggest obstacle for people attempting to impose nationalization in Lebanon ...
However, with the pressing need to employ a new generation of citizens who's educated and ready to be employed in every industry, "nationalization" or "localization" programs were put in place to replace expatriates and create new employment opportunities for nationals, it added.-TradeArabia News Service
The government says that its nationalization policy, as part of careful macroeconomic management, explains the country's high growth rates, record level of hard-currency reserves, and improvements in poverty and inequality indices and is among the factors that have enabled Morales to form an urban-rural social coalition that has gradually dismantled the opposition of the rich, secessionist eastern region of the country (NotiSur, May 8, 2009, and Dec.
To enable Emiratis to learn and upgrade their abilities, the centre will also arrange industry level conferences and exhibitions that support Nationalization.
"No responsible politician, regardless of what small party they chair, or the internal problems of the party, can afford to speak about nationalization of private companies because this presents us in a very bad light in Europe," he stated.
Meanwhile, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said Wednesday that Japan's nationalization of the islands, which Beijing calls Diaoyu, will damage the normal development of economic and trade relations between the two countries.
The solution to the financial crisis that could bring real economic recovery would be "temporary nationalization" of American banks by the U.S.
Algeria has provisionally appointed law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP to advise it on the nationalization of Orascom Telecom's local mobile phone unit, the official news agency reported on Monday.
We therefore introduce the possibility of subsidization and nationalization of private firms in the analysis of Klaus M.
The National Assembly approved the law on May 7, allowing for nationalization of services including water injection at wells, gas compression and dock control.
4: temporary nationalization. This is an option that nobody really likes, but we're rapidly reaching a point where we have few choices.