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Rigid rhinoscopes from the company Karl Storz (Germany) with a viewing angle of 0[degrees] and 30[degrees]and diameter of 2.7 and 4.0 mm were used; video laryngoscopy was performed by a 90[degrees] laryngoscope (Atmos, Germany) and a flexible nasopharyngoscope 3.2 mm; video fixation--a video camera (Atmos, Germany).
A flexible nasopharyngoscope was used to detect adenoid hypertrophy.
Due to progressive respiratory distress with marked hypercapnia, he was intubated using a flexible fiberoptic nasopharyngoscope, because the mass was prone to bleeding by contact.
The equipment used was the flexible nasopharyngoscope Maschida ENT-III, 3.2 mm, with Xeronio Storz light source.
Flexible Nasopharyngoscope is useful to identify laryngeal injuries and movement of vocal cords.
M2 PHARMA-April 14, 2015-Optim Launches ENTity Small Diameter SDXL Portable Nasopharyngoscope
The ENTity[TM] NasoView is a flexible, LED-illuminated nasopharyngoscope with a self-contained, patented LED Light Engine that frees the physician from the "tug" of light guides, external fight sources and the need for AC wall power, delivering optimal portability and ease of use.
The patients underwent the following diagnostic protocol: (1) history with attention to the duration and severity of symptoms (hoarseness, cough, dyspnea, inspiratory stridor, dysphagia, sore throat, and neck mass) and any previous endoscopic or surgical procedure; (2) complete upper airway examination by either fiberoptic flexible nasopharyngoscope or 70[degrees] rigid laryngoscope; (3) computed tomography (CT) scanning of the soft tissues of the neck with and without contrast; (4) rigid endoscopic evaluation under general anesthesia for direct objective assessment of the larynx and ruling out the presence of a neoplasm.
A 0 degree transnasal endoscope or 120 degree nasopharyngoscope is used for visualization and subsequently a drill, back biting forceps, microdebrider or laser are used as necessary to remove choanal soft tissue and bone.
On DOL 61, the patient was returned to the operating room for routine airway evaluation, and the atretic plate was reexamined with a 120[degrees] nasopharyngoscope. Mucosa was removed from the area of the vomer accessed from the nasopharyngeal side.
The highly portable LED endoscope light source component is rated excellent for rod lens and flexible nasopharyngoscope illumination.