nasopharyngeal meatus

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nasopharyngeal meatus

the posterior part of the nasal cavity from the posterior limits of the conchae to the choanae.


pl. meatus [L.] an opening or passage.

acoustic meatus, meatus acusticus, meatus auditorius, auditory meatus
a passage in the ear; see external acoustic meatus and internal acoustic meatus (below).
ethmoidal meatus
the spaces between the ethmoturbinal bones.
external acoustic meatus
the passageway within the ear between the ear flap and the eardrum.
internal acoustic meatus
the passageway on the medial surface of the petrous temporal bone; transmits the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves.
meatus nasi, meatus of nose
one of the three main airways of the nasal cavity which are found on either side of the septum; they are the dorsal, middle and ventral meati.
nasopharyngeal meatus
the common space shared by the right and left nasal cavities just before they enter the nasopharynx.
meatus urinarius, urinary meatus
the opening of the urethra on the body surface through which urine is discharged.


pertaining to the nasal and pharyngeal cavities.

nasopharyngeal meatus
see nasopharyngeal meatus.
nasopharyngeal spasm
see reverse sneeze.
nasopharyngeal swab
a sterile swab inside a plastic sleeve is passed up the nostril to the pharynx, the swab exteriorized, then withdrawn inside the sleeve and the appliance withdrawn.