nasal region

na·sal re·gion

the region of the nose.
Synonym(s): regio nasalis [TA]
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The optical vesicles were asymmetrical and circular in shape, the auditory canal was slightly projected and the nasal region was delimited.
Cutaneous Angiosarcoma Nasal Region treated with Radiation Therapy: Case Report
It has been suggested that skin necrosis of the nasal region is mainly caused by hydrophilic features of HA dermal fillers (5).
Therefore, the repair of defects following surgical excision is particularly important in the nasal region. The first point to be considered in the treatment of cancer is to completely excise the lesion and not to limit the excision of the lesion considering the repair method because the primary goal is to completely excise the tumor and not to close the defect (11).
Injection sites most frequently associated with complications were the glabella (38.8%), nasal region (25.5%), nasolabial fold (13.3%), and forehead (12.2%).
Thus, in our patient, trauma of the nasal region, which was diagnosed during late puberty, could be the cause of the middle turbinate aeration and the development of osteoma within the concha bullosa.
Figure 5(c) shows the very distinctive multiple foramina in the nasal region.
Site was prepared for aseptic surgery at nasal region, cranial to orbit.
The undercut areas present in the nasal region were blocked with gauze pieces which were dipped in saline.
Nasal glioma is a congenital benign tumour like condition composed of heterotropic neural tissue within the nasal region. It has no connection with the cranial cavity.
In all of these reports, metastases of HCC to the nasal region have diverse presentations.