nasal glands

na·sal glands

seromucous glands in the respiratory region of the nasal mucous membrane.
Synonym(s): glandulae nasales [TA]
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An anterior group of medial nasal glands lies at the ventral wall of the principal chamber, a posterior group attaches to the caudal margin of the vomeronasal organ (Fig.
2), the capillary bed of olfactory and accessory olfactory nerve fiber bundles, and the posterior group of medial nasal glands (Fig.
Its caudal circumference contacts the anterior margin of the posterior group of medial nasal glands (Fig.
The location of the VNO between part of the alary cartilage (rostrally) and the caudal portion of the strongly vascularized caudal portion of medial nasal glands (caudally) in combination with the given vascular anatomy of the VNO establish a structural prerequisite of such a vascular pumping mechanism.
Note wide vessels (asterisks) between and around nasal glands, olfactory and accessory olfactory nerve fiber bundles.
acmc anterior cavity of middle chamber, lbna lateral branch of nasal artery, mng medial nasal glands. Asterisk marks conductive bridge.
(3) The nasal glands are most active, followed by the central third with least activity in the temporal lid area.
The causative agent of nasal adenocarcinoma is retrovirus and induces unilateral or bilateral neoplastic growth in mucosal nasal glands of ethmoidal area (De las Heras et al., 1993, 2003).
The disease was characterized by unilateral or bilateral swelling above the eye due to mild-to-severe inflammation of the nasal glands in 3%-5% of the birds.
They stimulate secretions from the nasal glands which is why your nose runs.
They get most of the water they need by eating snakes and reptiles, and excreting salt through nasal glands to preserve water.
* the greater superficial petrosal nerve, which supplies taste fibers to the palatal mucosa, preganglionic parasympathetic axons to the pterygopalatine ganglion, and postganglionic axons to the lacrimal glands, nasal glands, and palatine mucosal glands; it also communicates with the lesser petrosal nerve (2)