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pertaining to the nose.


Relating to the nose.
Synonym(s): rhinal
[L. nasus, nose]


1. Of, in, or relating to the nose.
2. Linguistics Articulated by lowering the soft palate so that air resonates in the nasal cavities and passes out the nose, as in the pronunciation of the consonants (m), (n), and (ng) or the nasalized vowel of French bon.
3. Characterized by or resembling a resonant sound produced through the nose: a nasal whine.
1. Linguistics A nasal consonant.
2. A nasal part or bone, forming part of the bridge of the nose.
3. The nosepiece of a helmet.

na·sal′i·ty (nā-zăl′ĭ-tē) n.
na′sal·ly adv.


Relating to the nose.
Synonym(s): rhinal.
[L. nasus, nose]


Pertaining to the nose.

Patient discussion about nasal

Q. Regarding Seasonal Nasal allergy. My father is suffering from seasonal nasal allergies. He took a 24-hour loratadine pill, 5 hours ago. His nose is still running just like it was. Can I take a benedryl, or is it dangerous to mix loratadine and benedryl? What else can I do to stop my nose?

A. except well known drug interactions- most Dr. check it out with a computer program they have. you need to ask a Dr. or a pharmacist about it. but i can tell you that if you wait 4 times the T1/2 - that is enough to consider the drug out of the system.

Q. When seasons change , a lot of people suffer of runny nose and other common allergy symptoms , why is it always like that when seasons change ?

A. Seasonal changes tend to cause a lot of allergic reactions, and that is a known fact with no known mechanism. It is thought that perhaps the more atopic (bound to have allergies) people are, and with an atopic family histroy, they will develope more allergies during seasonal changes. One theory is that the environmental allergens, such as flower seeds or particles, tend to be in a higher shift and so they are more "in the air". Others believe it has to do with viral infections.

Q. When you get sick (runny nose, cold, cough) do you still workout?

A. Hmm, depending on how sick I am, I will usually just workout anyway. I feel it mentally helps me.

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