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, pl.


(nā'ris, -res), [TA]
Anterior opening to the nasal cavity.


n. pl. nar·es (-ēz)
An external opening in the nasal cavity of a vertebrate; a nostril.

nar′i·al (-ē-əl) adj.


Anterior opening to either side of the nasal cavity.
Synonym(s): naris, prenaris.
[L. naris]


A nostril. Either of the two external openings of the nasal cavity.

naris (narˑ·is),

n the nostril, the external opening of the nose.


, pl. nares (nā'ris, -rēz) [TA]
Anterior opening to nasal cavity.
Synonym(s): anterior naris.

naris (nares),

n one of two external openings into the nasal cavity; nostril.
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Ministers responsible for agricultural research must play a leading role in the effort to upgrade NARIs so that they can serve as new centers of agricultural innovation.
Thirty minutes after taking his first sildenafil pill, he experienced a typical cluster headache attack characterized by right periorbital and right-sided stabbing pain accompanied by redness and tearing of the right eye and right naris congestion.
Focusing efforts largely on the bacteria in the anterior naris, which current decolonization procedures do, leaves deeper reservoirs intact.
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Brother Namibia should be formed in order to assist men and boys," wrote Beata Hainyondo, and Alexia Naris proposed the continuation of the Brother Namibia section in the magazine, seeing this as "the new trend of Sister Namibia.
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We then measured the accumulation of Mn in lung, liver, and olfactory bulb after repeated inhalation exposures with both nares patent or with one naris occluded.