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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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Over the last 17 years, the Joint Interagency Task Force-South (JIATF-S) has built an unparalleled network of law enforcement, intelligence, and military assets to focus on detecting the movements and shipments of narcoterrorist organizations.
ambassador agreed with the defense minister against the president in tagging the guerrillas as narcoterrorists; then, under Samper, he turned against the president and the minister, expressing his skepticism towards the term; finally, all three agreed on it harmoniously.
Collings interviewed the independent journalists--often self-employed, working under life-threatening circumstances--who take on organized crime, military dictators, and narcoterrorists.
Although this war by international fanatical terrorists differs enormously from America's earlier exposures to domestic and international terrorism, including enduring street-gang wars, struggles against narcoterrorists, and most attacks on information-based infrastructures, lessons from those experiences are relevant to the present struggle to preserve advanced human civilization.
They see an alliance forming among Chavez, Castro, the FARC, and narcoterrorists, with China engaged in a long-range plan to take over the canal (see NotiCen, 1999-08-12).
Narcoterrorists are so powerful and organized that they exert an inordinate amount of influence over many governments in certain countries, ostensibly through a combination of criminal acts and terrorist methods.
The real enemy that we need to combat in Latin America is not international communism or narcoterrorists: it is hunger and poverty, indifference and hopelessness.
We use counterterrorist forces against "narcoterrorists," for example, but still believe we are diverting specialized resources to aid the "war on drugs." Before the 1990s are over, we will be forced to recognize that it is the method, not the motive, that makes a terrorist.
South America also has domestic terrorists as well as narcoterrorists, and the moderate Arab states are always at risk.
As the Eighties ended with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, Reagan's successor in the White House through the policy of fighting "narcoterrorists" sent the message out that the United States was recommitting herself to selective interventions in the developing world as a means to extract maximum economic and political advantage out of her military superiority.
There has been evidence to support that the United States was complicit in the assassination of conservative Colombian politician Alvaro Gomez Hurtado (6) and in death squad killings among suspected narcoterrorists (Tate 2001).
The workers were kidnapped by narcoterrorists in the town of Kepashiato in the jungle province of La Convencion, Cusco region, on April 9.