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See Sanitary napkin.
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Q. What do I do with this horrible Diaper Rash?? I have no idea what is up with my daughters diaper rash, she is a year old and I do everything to keep this rash from coming, but it comes back! All week I have let her run without a diaper on trying to let it air out as much as possible, (thank god for carpet shampooers).Is there any secret that someone has to getting rid of this rash?

A. My own daughter was yeasty from whatever they do to newborns in the hospital and I battled it ever day until I started taking garlic gel tabs. Because I breasfed her she got all the benefits of it and her bottom cleared right up.
Probiotics can help, yogurt, kefir and the like. Super Salve from is amazing in its healing abilities. Avoid processed foods and especially sugars.

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The new nappies will be easily identifiable with a little recycled nappy logo showing how many bottles per garment have been diverted from landfill.
Wirral also has a Cloth Nappy Library, which operates out of The Owl Tree on Market Street in Birkenhead.
The spokesperson added: "There are other circumstances which can cause a reaction in the nappy area and the UK disposable nappy manufacturers Trade Association provide detailed information about this.
To request an order form for a real nappy starter pack, or to find out more about the 'Nappucino' coffee mornings, please email or visit
Since his death, Mrs Amison has had two more children but she no longer uses nappy sacks.
Diagnosis of nappy rash is based on the distinctive appearance and location of an erythematous rash which may include the buttocks, genitals, pubic area and upper thighs but tends not to affect the skin creases (NICE, 2013).
Using real nappies will keep around 750kg of nappy waste out of landfill per child (source: Knowaste nappy recycling - average child generates 6kg of nappy waste per week and is in nappies for 30 months).
It has eight handy storage areas for every cream, lotion, powder and accessory you need, plus a convenient nappy dispenser that keeps nappies from falling out.
To find out more and collect your voucher to receive pounds 25 off a trial kit of nappies worth more than pounds 50 visit The Cotton Nappy Company Shop in Russell Street, Leamington and Warwickshire Direct offices in Kenilworth, Warwick, Lillington and Whitnash.
It just happens when the nappy gets a little bit wet or soiled and most nappy rashes are mild and can be treated with simple skin care.