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, gen. and pl.


(sel'ă, sel'ē),
A room or cell.
[L. storeroom, or compartment]
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, pl. cellae (selă, -ē)
A room or cell.
[L. storeroom, or compartment]
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Fios da meada de um percurso, onde o distanciamento e o afastamento muitas vezes tornam-se impossiveis, e onde podemos chegar a conclusao que nao existe apenas um ponto de partida.
The college procured about 15 NAO robots, and students in both traditional classes and the Robotics Club programmed them to perform the unusual groundbreaking tasks.
The Naos Water Glass' waves and swirls are embossed on the inside of the glass.
Here, the mosaics in the naos evoke in a very specific way the description of the actual pilgrimage sites in the Holy Land.