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nanus pupae (60 from both treated and control plots) were recovered from the field 96 h after the parasitoid release.
nanus facilitate the construction of the shelters on their trunks by enabling the bark to become fragmented into pieces in vertical lines and to detach from the trunk.
nanus en el estado de Oaxaca, la informacion concerniente al estado de salud de su poblacion aun es insuficiente.
Tabla 1 Localidades donde se ha registrado Eumops nanus en Mexico y su cronologia, en base a informacion obtenida de GBIF (http://www.
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The end result of Transformative leadership is, Bennis and Nanus consider, an empowering environment and accompanying culture, enabling employees to generate a sense of meaning in their work.
Bennis and Nanus, in their book Leaders (1985), identified skills that leaders possess.