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one billionth (10−9) of a gram.
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nan·o·gram (ng),

One billionth of a gram (10-9 g).
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(ng) (nan'ō-gram)
One billionth of a gram (10-9 g).
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One billionth of a gram.
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Of 7,563 analyses, a total of 80 had abnormally high levels of PCBs (in excess of 200 nanogrammes per gramme of fat).
Rebagliati tested positive for 17 nanogrammes of marijuana per millilitre.
He stated that the smallest performance-enhancing dose given to a horse would be 50 milligrammes, the read-out for which in post-race testing would be five million nanogrammes.
The latest two names are understood not to be household names, but reports suggest in one of the latest alleged cases the athlete had 700 nanogrammes per millimetre (ng/mm) of nandrolone in his urine sample.
"We use in the region of what would be termed nanogrammes - each patient gets a thousand millionths of a gramme."