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Acronym for nevi, atrial myxoma, myxoid neurofibromas, and ephelides. See: NAME syndrome.
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Graduate education A popular term for the degree to which a person, mentor, or professor is recognized in a particular field, as in, Professor X is (or, less commonly, has) a big name
Molecular medicine A word or phrase that uniquely identifies a particular allele of a gene. The allele name has an abbreviation which is the allele’s symbol.
Online An identifier for a particular computer in a particular place which allows other computers to communicate with that computer and no other
Pharmaceutical industry A designation—official or otherwise—for a chemical or other substance with therapeutic potential
Taxonomy The label assigned to a material or organism
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Graduate education A popular term for the degree to which a person, mentor or professor is recognized in a particular field. See Reputation Pharmaceutical industry A designation, official or otherwise for a chemical or other substance with therapeutic potential. See Blank canvas name.
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Patient discussion about name

Q. what are the name of those popular pills i hear about to beat depression?

A. Common drugs used to treat depression are usually of the SSRI family. There are many names, depending on your place. These drugs are prescription drugs, i.e. prescribed by a doctor, so if you have any questions or seek to use them you should consult a doctor.

A list of anti-depressive drugs may be found here:

Q. what is the medical name of the specialist who treats fibromyalgia? The person who treats arthritis is medically termed “rheumatologist”, then what is the medical name of the specialist who treats fibromyalgia?

A. Rheumatologist is an internist who is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle, bones and joint complaint. If a person is having fibromyalgia together joint pain and inflammation, it would be better for him to be seen by an arthritis specialist who can better diagnose what might have caused fibromyalgia and what others might have been the causes other than fibromyalgia, which should not go undiagnosed. There is as such no medical name for the person who treats fibromyalgia.

Q. Hi Everyone, my name is Selly with Bipolar. Are there homeopathic meds for Hypothyroidism and Bipolar?

A. Hi, I also have hypothyroidism along with my bipolar depression. I would agree with Dagmar that getting some conventional medical treatment first is the right way to go. I certainly wouldn't knock a homeopathic treatment that worked, but for bipolar disorder you really should be monitored closely by a doctor. Perhaps you can integrate some homeopathic remedies with your conventional medications, under the observation of a doctor, of course. Good luck, and if you find something that works for you let us know!

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