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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.
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Because less than one-third of allergy sufferers usually buy name-brand allergy remedies, and just 15 percent agree that all allergy medications work the same regardless of price, the growth opportunity for store brands is strong, reports global market research firm Mintel in its April 2016 "Cough, Cold, Flu and Allergy Remedies-US" report.
BEIRUT: A list of name-brand drugs and their corresponding generic medications has been finalized and can be accessed online, National Social Security Fund General Manager Mohammad Karaki said Monday.
Considering other types of household products, such as household and personal care products, the majority of Americans purchase store brands for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs (60%) and paper products (51%), but rely on name-brand products for cleaning products (55%), according to Harris.
Name-brand 15-gauge nailers, which handle nail lengths up to 2-1/2 in., start at about $175.
In recent years, critics say, deals between name-brand makers and generic makers have delayed the introduction of a range of generics including cancer drugs, antidepressants and prescription-strength antacids.
At almost half the price of name-brand formulas, there is no reason not to try it unless your child has special nutritional needs.
The Web site offers a wide selection of name-brand merchandise and services.
EXCHANGE shoppers looking for high-quality, name-brand items at great prices need look no further than the 2007 Name Brand Supplement.
Most parents discourage their kids from ingesting known toxins, so a new study from green group Environment California is a bit of concerning: when run through a simulated dishwasher 50 to 75 times, name-brand plastic baby bottles leach the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, in levels that have caused reproductive abnormalities in lab animals.
Five of the eight tokens in the new Monopoly Here & Now edition have been styled after name-brand products, [It's being sold alongside the original edition.] Players now get the chance to be represented by miniature versions of a Toyota Prius hybrid car, an order of McDonald's fries, a New Balance running shoe, a cup of Starbucks coffee, or a Motorola Razr cell phone.
In an industry first, retailers will have the opportunity to establish and own businesses onboard an operating cruise vessel that directly manages its name-brand amenities and services.
A cooked lobster, a tin of caviar, a golden Louis Vuitton champagne bucket containing a bottle of Cristal, and a Chanel picnic basket with a baguette protruding from it are spread on a Burberry blanket in a feast of name-brand luxury.