Naked Mole Rat

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A virtually hairless and partially poikilothermic rodent—whimsically known as a sabre-toothed sausage—which is native to the horn of Africa. Naked mole rats are the most interactive of all vertebrates, and have a social structure similar to bees and other eusocial organisms
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Spontaneous histologic lesions of the adult naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber): a retrospective survey of lesions in a zoo population.
Seluanov was denied funding by the federal government because the genome of the naked mole rat is known.
When researchers compared the Has2 gene between the naked mole rat and other mammals, they discovered that two unique amino acids, (asparagines), that are 100 percent conserved among mammals, were replaced by two other amino acids (serines), in the naked mole rat.
Researchers were able to discover a chemical that made naked mole rats resistant to cancer.
Dr Magalhaes added: "We aim to use the naked mole rat genome to understand the level of resistance it has to disease, particularly cancer, because this might give us more clues as to why some animals and humans are more prone to disease than others.
With this work we want to establish the naked mole rat as the first model of resistance to chronic diseases of ageing.
Naked mole rats are small, hairless, subterranean rodents that have never been known to get cancer, despite having a 30-year lifespan.
Their research found that a specific gene-p16-makes the cancerous cells in naked mole rats hypersensitive to overcrowding, and stops them from proliferating when too many crowd together.
Alexander of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, she realized that a naked mole rat colony has only one reproductive female at a time.
Of all the species the researchers studied, the naked mole rat had the most plentiful and long-lasting supply of the protein, maintaining a consistent level throughout its lifetime.
Researchers have documented various characteristics of naked mole rat physiology, revealing the integrity of proteins in the liver, kidney and muscle.