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autumn crocus

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that is the primary source of colchicine, an alkaloid used for treating gout in mainstream medicine.
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When police searched Kneen's home on Greenbank Road, West Kirby, they found a total of nine DVDs and "a file described as containing a collage of images of naked boys aged approximately 8-16 years" described as "pre-internet" by Mr Addison.
But it is also a company that's trying to run away from the success of Naked Boys Singing!
In its early years, the event caused a lot of controversy when in 1564 it featured the traditional "devil in feathers" and a number of naked boys as well as famous giants, hobbyhorses, unicorns, camels and dragons.
Within this matrix was an index of symbols--machines, cables, silver spoons, power switches, naked boys, half-eaten apples, images of Turing, and screws--annotated with words handwritten by Olesen: such Artaudian phrases as HOW DO I MAKE MYSELF A BODY?
4th SL; The noted distributor of LGBT movies (hits include Naked Boys Singing!, Latter Days, and Coffee Date) got its start as the former Theater of the Living Arts on South Street.
The three admitted charges related to two "level one" pictures of naked boys, and one picture found on the Leamington machine of an older person having sex with a teenager of about 14.
Her particular interest is the shift in pre- and post-1600 performances by boys: early shows used 'naked boys' to fight dragons, selecting actors on the basis of talent, whereas later shows used the sons of prominent local officials, thus shifting the meaning of their representations from the delights of broad social imagination into the narrowly political.
When he was searched, he was found with a picture of two naked boys in his pocket.
Jurors in Michael Jackson's child abuse trial have been shown two large books seized from his Neverland ranch, containing pictures of naked boys.
Well, it seems that among the many shows for which the RNC was providing discount tickets was the hit Off-Broadway musical, Naked Boys Singing!
When the council cleaned the house after Leggate left, they found his bedroom walls plastered with pictures of naked boys.