nail avulsion

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nail avulsion

removal of all or part of a nail plate with or without associated matrisectomy
  • chemical nail avulsion application of 40% urea cream to hypertrophied nail tissue, over several weeks; 40% urea causes marked maceration of nail keratin, and gradual plate erosion

  • partial nail avulsion elective avulsion of outer segment/s of nail plate Figure 1

  • surgical nail avulsion removal of all or part of nail plate (by its separation from local soft-tissue attachments [i.e. proximal nail fold and eponychium; lateral/medial nail folds; nail bed], and sharp division of nail segment from remaining main plate) with or without matrisectomy, to relieve symptoms of ingrowing toenail, pain due to nail malformation or severe onychophosis

  • traumatic nail avulsion unplanned plate avulsion due to application of sudden force/trauma; subsequent nail growth is likely to be dystrophic

Figure 1: Surgical partial nail avulsion, with chemical ablation (D) of exposed matrix to prevent re-growth of excised nail segment. This article was published in Neale's Disorders of the Foot, Lorimer, French, O'Donnell, Burrow, Wall, Copyright Elsevier, (2006).
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