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plica; a thin margin curved back on itself, or doubling.
amniotic fold the folded edge of the amnion where it rises over and finally encloses the embryo.
aryepiglottic fold a fold of mucous membrane extending on each side between the lateral border of the epiglottis and the summit of the arytenoid cartilage.
circular f's the permanent transverse folds of the luminal surface of the small intestine.
costocolic fold a fold of peritoneum passing from the left colic flexure to the adjacent part of the diaphragm; called also phrenicocolic ligament.
gastric f's the series of folds in the mucous membrane of the stomach.
gluteal fold the crease separating the buttocks from the thigh.
head fold a fold of blastoderm at the cephalic end of the developing embryo.
interdigital fold the free border of the web connecting the bases of adjoining digits.
lacrimal fold a fold of mucous membrane at the lower opening of the nasolacrimal duct.
mucosal fold (mucous fold) a fold of mucous membrane.
nail fold the fold of palmar skin around the base and sides of the nail of a finger or toe.
neural fold one of the paired folds lying on either side of the neural plate that form the neural tube.
semilunar fold of conjunctiva a mucous fold at the medial angle of the eye.
serosal fold (serous fold) a fold of serous membrane.
spiral fold a spirally arranged elevation in the mucosa of the first part of the cystic duct.
tail fold a fold of the blastoderm at the caudal end of the developing embryo.
transverse f's three permanent transverse folds in the rectum.
ventricular fold (vestibular fold) a false vocal cord.
vestigial fold a pericardial fold enclosing the remnant of the embryonic left anterior cardinal vein.
vocal f's true vocal cords.
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nail wall

the fold of skin overlapping the lateral and proximal margins of the nail.
Synonym(s): vallum unguis [TA], nail fold
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nail fold

A fold of hard skin overlapping the base and sides of a fingernail or toenail.
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nail fold

(nāl fōld)
The fold of skin overlapping the lateral and proximal margins of the nail.
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An adhesive tape such as 1-inch silk tape is placed on the symptomatic edge of the lateral nail fold and traction is applied.
In patients and controls, an experienced dermatologist physician, who was blinded to the clinical diagnosis of the patient, made a nail fold capillary examination using a standard dermatoscope.
Treatment of nail fold disease can be frustrating for both the veterinarian and the pet owner due to the chronic and recurrent nature of disease.
At this point, the tourniquet was removed after repositioning Proximal Nail Fold to its original site.
Symptoms include pain and swelling on the side of the nail fold and a build-up of pus around the nail.
There are several predisposing factors for ingrowing toe nail including incorrect nail trimming (cutting corners), tight shoes, increased nail fold width, decreased nail thickening, medial rotation of toe (deformities), onychomycosis, systemic abnormalities like arthritis, immune deficiency, neoplasm, hyperhydrosis, obesity and diabetes6.
The posterior nail fold and the nail matrix were cauterized completely with an 88% phenol-immersed cotton-tipped applicator for five minutes.
The technique involves applying tape from the distal nail fold around the digit, with the aim of pulling down on the hypertrophic nail fold, relieving pressure, and redirecting growth of the nail.
With exogenous sources of pigment, in addition to clues from the history, a tip-off can be that the proximal nail fold is also discolored, Dr.
The patient was emaciation, and physical examination revealed heliotrope sign, poikiloderma involving the face, “V” sign of the chest, and the upper arm, nail fold telangiectasia, and large well-defined ulcers on the abdomen, back, and upper arms, there was no Gottron sign [Figure 1].
After 3 months of treatment with terbinafine the onychomycosis showed one-third clearing at the proximal nail fold. Without additional treatment, the nails were completely clear 8 months later.
A whitlow, an infection of the nail fold, which causes pain and may become infected with thrush, lifting the nail from its bed.