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An acute or chronic disease of cattle, dogs, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats in sub-Saharan Africa; marked by fever, anemia, and cachexia, varying in severity with the parasite and the host. A collective term for diseases caused by the protozoan parasites Trypanosoma brucei brucei, T. congolense, and T. vivax.
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An often fatal disease of domestic animals in sub-Saharan Africa, caused by various trypanosomes transmitted by tsetse flies and characterized by fever, anemia, and emaciation.
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Nagana affects antelope, cattle and other livestock.
Grips: Checkered walnut Sights: Front: Inverted V-blade Rear: Fixed V-notch REVOL'VER SISTEMY NAGANA OBR.
Dorward DC and Payne AI (1975) Deforestation, the decline of the horse, and the spread of the tsetse fly and trypanosomiasis (Nagana) in nineteenth century Sierra Leone.
In Africa, Chrysops species are the primary vectors of Loa loa (Cobbold, 1864) (Spirurida: Onchocercidae) filariasis, and several tabanid species have been implicated in the mechanical transmission of African trypanosomiasis, commonly known as nagana (Krinsky 1976; Foil 1989).
(30.) Gupta A, Dwivedi M, Mahdi AA, Nagana Gowda GA, Khetrapal CL, Bhandari M.
The tsetse fly spreads the parasitic diseases human African trypanosomiasis, known as sleeping sickness, and Nagana that infect humans and animals respectively.
I filed a complaint with the Chief Election Commissioner against Raje for appealing for votes for BJP candidate Sona Ram at temples of Nakora, Jain Dharam, Kheteshwar Dham Asotra, and Nagana Mandir.
NAGANA = NGN + A x 3 REVERE = RVR + E x 3 MINIMI = MNM + I x 3 BONOBO = BNB + O x 3 LURULU = LRL + U x 3
Massive crowds representing the SLFP and the constituent parties of the UPFA kept streaming on to the Campbell Park, where the UPFA held its May Day rally under the theme of Rata Nagana Mai Rella, begining from Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre yesterday.
Cattle trypanosomiasis also known as Nagana is due to T.b.