A paraffin hydrocarbon, CH3-(CH2)8-CH3.
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The wettability test observes the surface wetting characteristics of the sample and determines whether the shale is wetting or nonwetting to deionized (DI) water, n-decane, or API brine (8% NaCl and 2% Ca[Cl.sub.2] by weight [45]).
Dicumyl peroxide (DCP, [greater than or equal to] 98%), A',/V,W,A"-tetramcthylethylenediaminc (TEMED, [greater than or equal to] 98.5%), sodium bisulfite (BisNa, [greater than or equal to] 35%), Tween85 (HLB = 11, [greater than or equal to] 64%), Span80 (HBL = 4.3, [greater than or equal to] 60%), polyethylenimine of [M.sub.n] = 60,000 g/mol (PI60k, [greater than or equal to] 48%), cyclohexane (C6, [greater than or equal to] 99.5), and n-decane (C10, [greater than or equal to] 95%) were provided by Sigma Aldrich.
The authors of [3,11] were simulating Jet-A burning with n-decane as a surrogate.
The pentaethylene glycol monododecyl ether ([C.sub.12][E.sub.5]) and n-decane were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich.
Cell-free supernatant having maximum amylase activity was filtered with nitrocellulose membrane (pore size 0.22 [micro]m) and incubated with 30% (v/v) of different organic solvents, viz, ndodecane, n-decane, isooctane, n-octane, xylene, n-hexane, n-butanol, cyclohexane, n-heptane, benzene, toluene, ethanol, methanol, and propanol for 7 days in screw crapped tubes at 55[degrees]C and 120 rpm.
To the best of our knowledge, the properties of the binary mixtures of n-octane, n-decane, n-dodecane, and n-tetradecane with octan-2-ol have not been reported earlier.
According to NMR data, the maximum metabolic variation was achieved using scaffold 4 (4 wt%), n-decane membrane, stirring rate of 300 rpm, treat and phase ratios of 0.3 and 0.8, respectively.
VIT experiments have been conducted using the two standard gas-oil systems of n-decane-C[O.sub.2] at 37.7[degrees]C and live decane (consisting of 25 mole% methane, 30 mole% n-butane and 45 mole% n-decane)-C[O.sub.2] at 71.1[degrees]C for comparison with EOS calculations.
The only exception was medium #4, n-hexane, which had a longer breakthrough time than the n-decane medium, although the inlet concentration for the n-hexane test was higher than in the n-decane test.