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Relating to myxedema.


Relating to myxedema.
Synonym(s): myxoedematous.


(mik-sĕ-dē′mă ) [ myx- + edema]
1. Infiltration of the skin by mucopolysaccharides, which give it a waxy or coarsened appearance and create nonpitting edema. Myxedematous skin is seen particularly in patients with hypothyroidism.
2. The clinical and metabolic manifestations of hypothyroidism in adults, adolescents, and children. myxedematous (-dem′ăt-ūs, -dēm′), adjective


The hypothyroid patient often complains of sluggishness, intolerance of cold, apathy, fatigue, and constipation. Findings may include infiltration of the subcutaneous layers of the skin by mucopolysaccharides. The hair may become dry and brittle. If the syndrome is left untreated, hypothermia, coma, and death may result.


Thyroid hormone replacement reverses the symptoms and reestablishes normal metabolic function.

childhood myxedema

Myxedema occurring before puberty.

operative myxedema

Myxedema following removal of the thyroid gland.

pituitary myxedema

Myxedema occurring secondary to anterior pituitary hypofunction.

pretibial myxedema

Edema of the anterior surface of the legs following hyperthyroidism and exophthalmos.
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If myxedematous coma develops, dentist should avoid any planned dental surgery.
In 1883 he tried to reverse the post operatory myxedematous condition of one of his patients, throughout the reinsertion of thyroid tissue.
Myxedematous cretinism is a more mild form of endemic (dietary) cretinism.