myxedema madness

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myxedematous psychosis

A clinical form of hypothyroidism which is more common in the elderly, characterised by dementia, delirium, impaired hearing and memory, acalculia, somnolence, mental withdrawal, paranoia, and possibly hallucinations and frank psychosis.
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Endocrinology Severe hypothyroidism characterized by yellowish discoloration, nonpitting edema, especially facial, accompanied by periorbital puffiness, puffy lips, and tongue, hoarse voice and sluggish movement; myxedema elicits several reactions a sui generis
Myxedema coma A complication of severe hypothyroidism, characterized by a loss of consciousness, which may be iatrogenic–sedatives in hypothyroidism are very slowly metabolized, may be due to infections or cold exposure; or rarely, occurring spontaneously Mortality 20-50%
Myxedema madness A condition most common in the elderly, characterized by impaired hearing and memory, acalculia, somnolence, psychologic withdrawal, and paranoia
Myxedema megacolon Pseudo-obstruction due to ↓ GI motility
Myxedema wit Confabulation or use of humorous non-sequiturs by a hypothyroid Pt in order to draw the interviewer's attention away from the Pt's impaired memory  
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myxedema madness

A colloquial term for a wide range of psychiatric manifestations accompanying profound hypothyroidism, including personality disorders, neurotic traits, and psychotic features.
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