Formation of dense connective tissue in the tympanic membrane, not usually associated with hearing loss. See: tympanosclerosis.
[myringo- + sclerosis]
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Formation of dense connective tissue in the tympanic membrane, usually not associated with hearing loss.
[myringo- + sclerosis]
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Appearance consistent with tympanosclerosis, myringosclerosis or cholesteatoma was identified;
Ventilation tube insertion is associated with a number of risks which include purulent otorrhoea, myringosclerosis (most common), retraction pockets and persistent tympanic membrane perforations.
The pars flaccida and a small portion of the pars tensa with myringosclerosis are preserved.
However, these procedures have been reported to be frequently followed by the development of myringosclerosis, a hyalinization and calcification of the tympanic membrane that is not related to significant hearing loss [17].
Myringosclerosis: An Indication of a Blocked Aditus.
Three (2.7%) tympanic membranes had areas of myringosclerosis and 14 (12.4%) were inflamed.
Application of oxygen free radical scavengers to diminish the occurrence of myringosclerosis. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1997; 106: 513-8.
* Some possible complications that result from VTs include persistent perforation of the tympanic membrane, granulation tissue around the tube (granular myringitis), chronic otorrhoea, blocking of the lumen of the VT, medial migration of the VT, and severe myringosclerosis.
The other otomicroscopic findings like myringosclerosis, polypoid middle ear mucosa, and granulation tissue on the tympanic membrane/middle ear mucosa did not have a significant correlation with ossicular discontinuity.
Cholesteatoma should be differentiated from other conditions with similar otoscopic findings, such as myringosclerosis, in which calcified plaques typically develop after procedures such as myringotomy or placement of a ventilation tube.
Very severe myringosclerosis may occur with fixation of malleus handle and in these few patients, hearing loss may be greater.
Myringosclerosis is scarring and calcification of the middle layer of the eardrum, predominantly adjacent to the malleus and annulus, that can hamper the mobility of the tympanic membrane.