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Relating to myotasis.
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Relating to myotasis.
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(mī-ŏt′ă-sĭs) [″ + tasis, stretching]
Stretching of a muscle.
myotatic, adjective
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To investigate passive resistive torque and muscle fascicles extensibility, the subjects' ankle was passively rotated from the neutral position until the maximal dorsiflexion, previously determined, at 5 [degrees].[s.sup.-1]; a slow angular velocity was set in order to avoid the myotatic reflex (Blazevich et al.
the hyperactivity of myotatic reflex can be caused by lowering the threshold of excitation of muscle spindles or an abnormal processing of sensory inputs in SC.
Along with the description of the RCPma myodural bridge by Scali et al., we proposed that modulation of cervical dural tension may include factors other than a myotatic reflex.
This electromyographic assessment of H reflexes and direct motor M responses in animals confirms data previously reported in man on the effect of lidocaine on peripheral nerves to block the myotatic reflex arc, which is exacerbated in spastic subjects.
Functionally, this loop provides a classic myotatic reflex: it damps small displacements of the joint by externally imposed force, and it may also damp SR reflex loops.
A protective "myotatic" reflex causes the initial tension or tightness.
Objective: to investigate variations in the masseteric myotatic reflex (jaw-jerk) and the silent period from the 5th to the 9th decades of life.
Another explanation for the differences in neuromuscular preactivation between the mentioned muscles reflects that muscle tuning (Nigg, 2010) as a postural control strategy is adopted during WBV rather than myotatic reflex contractions.
The three main neurological responses pertain to the myotatic stretch reflex, the golgi tendon organ reflex, and reciprocal innervation or inhibition.
In our present investigation, myotatic patella tendon reflex was recorded before and after the intervention to investigate the effect of WBV on the stretch reflex.
Most of the laws governing flexibility improvement or maintenance have to do with avoiding the Myotatic Reflex which states, a muscle that is stretched tries to contract in equal and opposite force and direction.
Nevertheless, EMS has some important disadvantages, such as Golgi tendon organ and myotatic reflex inhibition, which can lead to an increased injury risk (Jubeau et al, 2006; Requena et al., 2005), and some difficulties in obtaining improvements in agonist and antagonist muscle coordination (Holcomb, 2005; Paillard, 2008).